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CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development – basically, teaching old dogs new tricks. To get or renew your builders licence in some areas, you will need to do builders CPD courses.

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12 CPD POINTS $198 inc. GST ALL UP !!


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For advice or help on understanding CPD for builders, feel free to call us anytime or check out our builders CPD Q&A for builders licence requirements and CPD points information.

CPD Points – State by State

The CPD points earned from the CPD courses here at mybuildingsite will fulfill your obligations in:

NSW –  NSW Office of Fair Trading
VICTORIA – Victorian Building Commission
TASMANIA – Tasmanian Department of Justice, Workplace Standards Tasmania

Forget about needing to take time off the job or paying expensive travelling costs just to maintain your builders licence, for just $50 (+ GST) you can do your CPD courses online with us and get your CPD points in no time at all.

Each of our builders CPD courses earns you two CPD points towards your builder CPD training licence requirements, based on two hours of study and an optional short online assessment which consists of a few multiple choice questions.

If you’re not comfortable using the internet or a computer, just give us a call! We’ll post your builder courses to you. And if you don’t want to use your credit card, that’s fine too – you can pay by cheque or drop us a line and we’ll organise a direct deposit.

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