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Sunday, February 07, 2010
Tony raised the question (Happy New Year comments) What to do if a Tradesman claims to be licenced when in fact he is not licenced?
Several years ago I was doing a job in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney when a young man sought labouring work and supplied an ABN which turned out to be false when my partner did a check.  I confronted him the next day, he apologised, gave me the correct ABN which was checked, found correct and I paid him up to the end of the day.  I felt since he had not been totally honest, I couldn't rely on him further.  
I always use licenced tradesmen, and if they are new to me I ask for proof.  Anyone found using falsified licence documents would be guilty of fraud, and the Office of Fair Trading in New South Wales would be interested in any details as would the Victorian Building Commission and the Tasmanian Department of Justice in those States. 
You can do a Licence check by going to the web site of the relevant Authority.  Also ABN,  check through the ATO web site.   
As the Licenced Head Contractor you are ultimately responsible for the whole job, including work done by licenced tradesmen.