How many CPD points do you need? 1 Builders CPD Course = 2 Points 

Under the current Continuing Professional Development system (as at September 2009) in New South Wales, you are required to earn 12 CPD points each year to maintain your builders licence – even if you have a three year builders licence. If you decide to do more builders CPD courses than you need for your builders licence, you can carry up to a maximum of 11 CPD points over into the next year of your licence.

You may earn one CPD point per year per Apprentice and/or Associate learning, up to a maximum of four builders CPD points.

And don’t worry, we comply with NSW Office of Fair Trading requirements for the Delivery of Continuing Professional Development to licensed builders and pool builders. We are also approved to deliver builder CPD training by the Victorian Building Commission and Tasmanian Department of Justice Workplace Standards.

If you’d like more information on builders CPD points requirements, click the links below:

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Victoria –
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